The Mafia Sauce Killers

Many peoples from Miami, Brussels and Montreal cities recently spotted some mysterious creatures that appear in their street. Some rumours say they are half human & half ape. Nobody knew if they came out from space or if they escaped from a laboratory. NASA made public some mysterious sounds records captured by a radio telescope. Scientists determined they are emitted from Planet ‘Hanuma’. People who encountered these creatures testified they produced the same sound when running through the streets, hypnotising every human
that’s trying to approach them. Don’t be afraid to listen to the tracks, their hypnotic forces only work when you meet them live.

M.S.K.’s style s: Deep Acid House, Deep Techno, Electro, Acid-house, Funky Acid…





Is born records collector. First listening Jazz music, funk, soul and psychedelic rock music with his father. Older he started his dj carrer in Montreal. First influenced by techno luminaries as Jeff Mills And Richie Hawtin which brought him inspiration for a new creative way to use the decks , he discovered emerging Ghettotech and Old School Miami Bass music which bring the same possibilities for technical skills on the turntables.  We can easily recognise is “Scratch n’ Cut” style which he fuse at an incredibly speed on 2 or 3 turntables.

Attracted by the electronic belgium music scene and womens,  he moved there to share his skills, music and opened the Goldfingers Studio.

Through is multiples residencies at Montreal clubs and via his overseas performances, Phranteek has dropped records and performed live alongside Juan Atkins, Arabian Prince, Front 242, Ark, Alpha 606, Moonstarr, Cosmic Force, Spirit Catcher, Syntheme, Voice, Imatran Voima , Sebastian Prelar, Vive La fete, Roi Heenok and many more.

Phranteek’s styles : Acid, Miami Bass, Techno, Ghettotech, Electro, House, Funk, disco, Hip-hop, Jazz, Soul, Reggae…



 Doctor Lo

He’s the  mysterious man behind the super groovy artworks for The Mafia Sauce Killers and Superfunk Music. Drawer of the  TRAX MAGAZINE comics pages , the  “enfant terrible” got fired  for making fun of his boss Pedro Winter and Daft Punk.

Followed by the C.I.A. after designing a party flyer humouristicly named “TERRORIST” the man is now banned from the U.S.A.

He as also Designed the graphic artworks for Felix Da Housecat’s label “Radikal Fear” and was the first to insert comics outlet in records releases with belgium producer D-Jack.



Juan Huevos

Juan Huevos is into keyboards, Anne Hathaway, weed growing, trimming facial hair, doing pull ups, riding motorcycles, listening to Project Pat, make-out  sessions, cassette tapes from the thrift store, boots with zippers, white T shirts … you know. Stuff like that.

He’s been rapping since he was a kid. None of that going to college and doing some hip hop songs as a joke and then realizing that some people dug it so you start taking it more seriously bullshit. Dude has been on it since 7th grade, ripping the mic at school, talent shows, parties, freestyle sessions, open mics, MC battles, etc. before finally stepping out with a couple of groups and collectives and rocking all types of shows since 2000. These days Huevos is on his own, bringing the party all by himself with a unique style: production that bridges between hi and lo fi combined with southern raps and new wave song writing.

He has grown tremendously as a producer in the past several years, but is also starting to work more and more with producers around the world, who he has met either through traveling and touring or social networks. These collaborations have expanded his sound and taken them into dark, bass-filled worlds where women prance to misogynistic dance music and everybody drinks beer. Like, everybody. The lights are red. And it’s kind of cold outside. It’s warm inside, but you still got your jacket on because you are afraid someone might steal it.

Hope your stoned as you read this, because if you are, you’ll probably think this all sounds pretty rad!

But seriously, Juan Huevos is dope.



DJ Elephant Power

He is the legitimate successor to the turntablists who appeared in the middle of the 90s. Today, he is part of a phalanx of DJs which have created the path between laptop-music and live performances to create something exceptional. He revitalized the dancefloor with new musical styles which are going against a uniform functionality. This time, synthetic strings and organ sounds compete in a soundclash of “Eastern meets Western style” for polished hooklines. This machine disco tells futuristic tales of lonely printing devices and ill-humoured laser guns.

More than just a surprising and enjoyable debut. He released his first album “No Si, Ni So” in 2004 release on. the Cologne based label “Sonig”.

Then, his second album “Scratch The Hulu” in 2007. Concidered like a mixture of free-jazz and new tendancy, this new long player from Dj Elephant Power was well appreciated by the UK magazines and labels.  THE WIRE MAGAZINE: “Scratch The Hulu”, his second solo album, presents 12 more dislocations of the same highly strung technique, and the superhuman dexterity in evidence suggest an expert at stacjking the plate at all-you-can-eat salad bar…”

The third release “Atlas Anthem” in 2008 is a crispy production from him, backing up the quality you would expect from one of the most prolific cut up DJ’s around. Energetic dirty basslines and complex beats spliced with wacky instrumentation that’s reminiscent of a splattered movie soundtrack in a spicy dubstep sauce. The same years, he recorded some scratches for the band : Von Sudenfed.

With his fourth release on label Sonig in 2010 “Elepha In Da Flash”, Dj Elephant Power runs danger of jeopardizing reputation as an anti-perfectionist, because he (again) does it all totally different. Anyone who has ever experienced him as a DJ have felt in love with his nimble fingers and the dynamic acceleration of pitch in his live sets.

With a mixture of his own productions, skills and biggest dance tunes, Dj Elephant Power’s live sets receive hailing all around Europe. In clubs or Festivals, you can catch him wowing audiences at Fuse, Dour Festival, Paradiso, Melkweg, Kilbi Festival, Phono Festival. Or touring with bands like Mouse On Mars, Ratatat..

In 2011 Dj Elephant Power won (in Electro Music Category) the prestigious Belgium price: Octaves De La Musique.



Dave Luxe

Growing up with Hip Hop, Dave quickly fell in love with Electro music when he started DJ’ing. First buying records like Afrika Bambataa, Kraftwerk, or Cybotron, then evolving into Bass music, Miami Bass, and Ghettotech, Dave started to collect vinyl records with one goal only : to put his hands on all the tunes that make the booty shake! Now going from electro-house to booty bass, from dubstep to b’more, he plays every styles of club music as long as it’s filthy, bass-heavy, and has some nasty lyrics on it.
He played in the biggest venues in Paris, Brussels, Prague, Montreal, Shanghai, alongside some of the most famous cats in this game…
But Dave is also an eclectic producer, making crunked up remixes and original tracks in all the genres he spins. He also collaborates with various MCs from his hometown, with his homie Jay LaTeigne as Regulators and also with other upcoming talents like l’AB2C, One Two and Shadow Loowee.



Nasty Dowze

Nasty Dowze is a Dj crew originally founded by Coma, Namto and Djub. They both wanted to create their own kind of mixes and productions that is uncommon to put fire on the dancefloor. All their productions are a medley of many of their influences in ghetto & bass music worldwide, a cocktail of bouncy & banger tracks that provide people enough energy to dance ’till the end of the night. But something was missing for the band to be unique, their own MC. So Mc Toudi came to complete the crew with his provocative attitude that reinforce their tendencies in their porn nasty music!
Enough with introducing, let’s talk about what they did untill now… Productions recognized by many dj’s! They played everywhere it was possible to in Belgium and people still appreciate the enthusiastic vibe they set up during their show! Their lastest production is a remix of THE Miami Bass Ambassador in Belgium Phranteek.

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